Strategies to Take Your Christian Hip-Hop Career to the Next Level


Brinson is an award-winning Christian hip-hop artist and film producer from Jacksonville, Florida. He has traveled the globe spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. He is an ordained minister and studied music business at Belmont University in Nashville.

Brinson is the founder of GodChaserz Entertainment (GCE) a Christian entertainment company that has produced more than 20 Christ-centered hip-hop albums. Brinson's music has been seen and heard on ESPN, AEW, NPR, BET, MTV, New York’s Hot 97, and TBN, and he is the host of the GodChaserz Podcast.

Brinson's debut film GodChaserz the Documentary, has won over 60 film awards. The film, a retrospective of GodChaserz's music and ministry, will be released on streaming platforms in 2023.

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